Thursday, November 15, 2007

Day 1 (for real!)

So I figured I would be able to change the date on the post, but I can't, so don't believe everything you read here. The real date and time of the actual time I wrote the post will be in the text. (Mostly for my own records)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Awake at 5:45 am.

I have not awoken this early (other than for traveling) in years. It is going to be interesting getting used to this, but was ready to go when I got up.

Current classes:
Intruduction to Culinary Skills I
Food Service Sanitation

Both classes taught by Chef Ron Costa. The day was a little painful, only because I had to sit in a very uncomfortable stool for five hours. Everyone in class was very fidgety, never capable of finding a comfortable position on these stools (definitely keeps me awake, though!). Not really much to report on Day 1, basically a very drawn out intro into this new life. Chef Ron is a very top-notch guy, very amicable, and is definitely a food lover.

Chef Ron gave us a lecture about the passion that is involved in this industry, and the passion we all have for food. I definitely understand where he is coming from. Going to the gourmet markets just to see their cheese selections is a good example of what I find enjoyable.

I think passion might come up a lot as I go along both in school and in this blog. There are a lot of ideas in my head that I want to get across to everyone, but I think I will do it a little at a time, so as not to overwhelm you with my opinions.

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Anonymous said...

he was my 101 instructor in 2002 At Western...I ran out of money to eat and ride the max train and bus and he came out his own pocket for me because he new I had the passion and talent.. A stand up guy who would give you the shirt off his back..
An awesome cook and great motivator