Monday, June 16, 2008

Pies & Quiche

So I am finished with baking, and it was great!

I've done a little bit of bread baking in the past, and I really enjoy it. It was great to really get into it; spending five hours a day baking.

Here is a quiche I made, and I promise to do another post about making pie crust, which is super easy, fun, and the final product is always excellent.

Here is a banana cream pie with cookie crumb crust and chantilly cream on top.

It was super easy to make: Mix the cookie crumbs with butter, pack into the pie crust and bake that off.

When that's done and cooled, you mix a banana with pastry cream (which i'll demo at some point too), fill it into the pie crust, and then pipe in chantilly cream (also really easy to make) in a decorative manner.

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