Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pics from last day of Skills 2

i On our last day of class we made a banquet. Each group was responsible for a different part of the meal.

I took some pictures while we were prepping and cooking everything up.

Duchesse potatoes:
Mashed potatoes mixed with egg yolks. We then put them through a pasty bag with a star tip and broiled them.

Here they are barding filets with bacon.

Barding: wrapping with fat, in this case, bacon.
not to be confused with:
Larding: injecting with fat.

Breaded, pan-fried pork cutlet with sauteed vegetables and creamy polenta.

Filet mignon with sauteed vegetables and Duchesse Potatoes.


derek said...

that stuff looks really good. i could go for some pork and mashed potatoes and bacon. mmm.

Crystal said...

The veggies look amazingly good.
I would tackle Derek to get to the potatoes.