Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Follow-up on the onion

A little more info going on yesterday's post.

Mirepoix is the combination of onions diced like I did below, as well as carrots and celery diced the same size. Its breakdown is two parts onion, one part carrot, and one part celery.

This is kind of the base for a lot of foods, especially in French cooking. It's the base for pretty much every soup and stock. They're called aromatics because they are very aroma-rich, giving a good base flavor to build off of.

On Thanksgiving I roasted my turkey on a bed of mirepoix that was about two inches thick. I cut a few onions in half, rested them cut side down on the roasting pan, as well as a bunch of other onions, carrots and celery diced up. It both gave off a lot of aroma for the bird to absorb, and create a good receptacle for the juices that would come out of the bird.

I haven't cut up any celery yet, so maybe I will do that over the holiday break. At some point I think I might go through the step by step process of making a stock, which is something good chefs can do in their sleep, forget recipes.

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