Thursday, December 13, 2007


There were some valid points in the comments of the potato post, so I figured i'd throw out some explanations.

1. The scraps were already in the trash, couldn't wait to throw them out, it's very satisfying.
2. It's incredibly frustrating.
3. Mid-action shot would be nice, I should do some fancy camera work, get a blurred shot with the potatoes mid-air.

It's an apron Crystal made for me. It's a pattern of frogs with a pink background and matching green pockets.
I was hoping someone would notice it.

After you peel the potatoes, keep them immersed in a bowl of cold water. Also, keep the grated potatoes immersed in a separate bowl of cold water. Grate about a cup, throw them in the water, and keep working.

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Adam said...

I would like to see a demonstration of mirepoix with an emphasis on how to finely dice an onion.