Saturday, December 1, 2007

Julienne of carrot

The Julienne and Brunoise of Carrot

I'm going to do a few little picture demonstrations of some of the skills I learned. I am going to start with the Julienne of Carrot.

To begin, you will need a peeler and a large
knife. Many people will use the regular French chef's knife, but for this task I like to use the Santoku chef's knife. I found that I can get a straighter, smoother cut with the santoku on the carrot and potato becuase the blade is thinner than the French chef's knife, and doesn't push the product apart as i cut through it.

Next, peel your carrot.

Then, cut your carrot into 2 1/2 inch segments. Start with the thicker end because then the remaining segment that didn't make the cut will be from the thinner end.

Trim the ends so they are flat and perfectly perpendicular to the rest of the segment.

Put the carrot down on the board, and slice off one side of the carrot, so it is perfectly flat.

Put the carrot down on the flat side you just cut and cut another side off, creating a perfect 90 degree angle where the two sides meet.

Then, slice off 1/8" thick by 2 1/2" long sheets from the carrot.

Next, take one of the sheets you just cut and cut off a 1/8" by 1/8" by 2 1/2" strip.

Continue until you have exhausted the sheet. Consistency is very important, so make sure they are all the same thickness.

Hold up your batch of julienne and eliminate those that are not even . . .

And turn the more inconsistent ones into brunoise. (1/8" cubes)


Any requests on what I demonstrate next? I am thinking about maybe zesting and segmenting an orange, but the other options are:
-julienne of bell pepper
-medium dice of an onion
-batonnet of celery
-chiffonade of spinach
-large, medium, small dice of potato
-chateau potato
-tomato concosse


Molly said...


hey. Glad to see that you're doing well. I will, rather than do my work, read your blog regularly, but . . . . humor man! Let's have some wacked out culinary school stories (coke anyone?) in addition to the nifty cutting, slicing, and sectioning stories (I like the sectioned oranges in particular).


Crystal said...

Neilsy - tell me you took a bite out of that bunch of carrots in your hand

derek said...

you should write about potatoes next, because they're the only thing out of all the foods on that list that i like. better yet, you could make this into a potato-specific CHEF! blog.

oh yeah, and you need a little icon to go with your blog title of you wearing a chef hat with a big smile on your face.

derek said...

wait, how did you take pictures of stuff while you were cutting it? granted, i'm sleep deprived but that's kind of blowing my mind right now.

also, i would genuinely be interested in a discussion of different types of knives and their uses.

dr jss'ka said...

What do you do with the carrots that don't make the cut??? (I just made myself laugh)

No seriously, if those little ends aren't the same length you just throw them away???

on another note, how long does it take you to cut this stuff up and take photos at the same time? I doubt every photo comes out perfectly each time, so you probably have all these folders on your laptop filled with mediocre cutting shots. THOSE are the ones I want to see, with the uneven carrot pieces.

Want to come do whites with me? i miss our laundry time.

Seana said...

And we get to see your wound!!

Stephanie said...

This is not a proper julienne of carrot. It should be much thinner. Julienne is used as a garnish so would be too crunchy served the way you cut it!