Thursday, December 6, 2007


I have a few extra minutes, so I wanted to convey a little info about what I am doing right now.

Skills 1 and Sanitation are done with, and now i'm on to Nutrition. The classes are only three weeks long, so we go through things pretty fast. I got an A in skills and a pass in nutrition, so i'm perfect so far! I got a 95 on my cutting skills final test, which was basically what that picture was. I felt that my chateau potatoes were better on the test than in the picture, and i got a 7/10 on those. I'm not sure what the other two points were off on, but it might have been the julienne of carrot. I seem to cut them too small a lot of the time.

But nutrition. It is actually a lot better than you think. The instructor likes food, so she isn't going to tell us we shouldn't use butter because it has fat in it. Basically what it comes down to is that our diets should be diverse, and if you like something, eat it, just in moderation. Also (something I realized a few months ago), to maintain a healty lifestyle in a profession such as this, one needs to balance out the intake of a lot of less-healthy foods with a little bit of exercise. I started running a few months ago before I left Wyoming, but I had to stop because I had some shin splints issues. I really want to get back into that, so i'm going to try to get some better shoes, or maybe i'll find a different activity. I really don't want to join a gym because it's ridiculously expensive and I know I would hate being there.

I am throwing in little things here and there, though. Every day I walk up the stairs to class (five floors, tall ceilings, it's harder than you may think), and I try to take a brisk walk somewhere around town (it's a good excuse for me to look for a job). I am definitely feeling better about my health, but I know I need to do more. I had my blood pressure checked recently, and it's very good, so I think things are going pretty well.

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Max said...

You're going to have to cook me up something next time I see you, this blog makes me hungry.

I enjoy seeing the knife skills.