Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Nutrition Project

I'm not sure if everyone knows for sure, but right now i'm in a nutrition class. It's been a pretty good class, and for the final project, we had to create a menu with mealsfor vegans, ovo-lacto vegetarians, and non-vegetarians (omnivores). I had to create a 3-5 course meal for each. Also, each 3-5 course dinner had to have at least 600 calories, no more than 1000 calories and less than 30% of the calories had to be from fat.

It was kind of challenging, and I really wanted to stay in the Belgian tradition for food, mostly because that has been a cuisine that I have become very familiar with. I found that it's really hard to find decent vegan selections because the Belgians use butter in absolutely everything.

But I did it! And here's the menu:


Molly said...

Your menu is impressive, though I have to say my favorite dish (for entirely non-culinary reasons) is strawberries drenched in awesome.

Maggie said...

How do you make a vegan shortbread without butter? (Isn't shortbread traditionally just butter, sugar, flour, and salt?)

dr jss'ka said...

Did you have to cook all those options then as well??

Question, what exactly is considered chutney? I made an apricot chutney to go with some pork the other day, but I was wondering was makes it a 'chutney' versus 'chunky sauce'. (if you have already explained elsewhere, my apologies)